do you know the way?

“Excuse me! Excuse me!”


“Do you live here?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Do you know where TGI Fridays is?”

“Uhm. Well…”

The light turned green and her husband started haltingly to pull the SUV forward beyond me as I made my way north, crossing the I-70 pedestrian bridge next to Providence.

She had just missed the turn to go east on I-70, which would have taken her to TGIF’s pretty easily and I wasn’t really sure how to tell her that. So, as her husband ungracefully carried her beyond the reach of my uncertain voice, I yelled, “Go right! And then keep going that way for a good while!” as I pointed in the direction she should go. All the while, the wheels in the back of my head were turning and pointing out to me that there was almost no way she would find TGI Fridays using the directions I had just given her.

It’s my birthday.

That’s what I should have yelled at her after she asked me how to get to TGIF’s.

It would, at least, have provided some perspective on the situation. And while it probably would have been utterly baffling and unhelpful to her in that moment–my offering of this obscure personal data–it could be no less helpful than what ultimately made its way out of my mouth. And maybe, it could have provided some levity to the day.

After she had finally found TGI Friday’s and sat down to relax and enjoy her Fried Cheeseburger, she might have related this absurd story to her family and friends.

“Do you suppose he had some kinda mild Turrets?” she might have inquired.

I live here. But soon I will be leaving. The TGI Fridays I pointed to earlier today is relatively new to town, and I’ve never been there. But I did go to a TGI Fridays once. It was in Washington, DC.

D Rex



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