we are here to go

Two more weeks reading newspapers with the Newz Group, and then I am on my way to MA.  That’s right.  I am no longer heading Southwest to the storied city of Austin, TX, but am instead heading Northeast, to the still-storied, but lesser known Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (www.kripalu.org)–present home of my Darling Dre–located near Lenox, MA.  I will drop there for a brief visit, and then I will make my way across Massachusetts and hop onto Adventure Cycling’s Atlantic Coast route (www.adventurecycling.org), taking it south into Washington, DC, where I hope to visit with family and soak up the city for a while. [Shout out to the family I’ve got in DC!  Sorry I haven’t told you I’m coming yet!  Can I spend some time on your couch?]

I’m not sure what comes after DC.  The options, as I currently see them, would be:

1) Keep going and follow the coastal route down to the warmer, southerly states, and maybe catch the Southern Tier route in Florida and start making my way west.  If I head west on the Southern Tier, there would be the option of heading north again to Missouri, along the Great Rivers route when I intersect it in Louisiana.  However, I could see this happening sometime in January or February, and I doubt the weather in that direction will be very bike friendly.  There is also the option of catching the Transamerica route, just south of DC in Ashland, VA and heading west back into Missouri along this route, but it’s a pretty long, hilly stretch and my ability to do it would depend on: how quickly I get to DC; how long I spend in DC; and how cold it’s getting.

2) Catch a plane, train, or bus back to Missouri (or where?).

3) Find a job and home in DC.

I keep telling myself that the solution to the conundrum of what-comes-next will be solved when I discover how much money I have left after arriving in DC.  But I don’t think this is true.  Or, at least. not entirely true.  It will be a factor that plays into my decision but it will not provide the solution.

I don’t know what I’ll do then because I haven’t ridden the 2,500 miles yet.



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