the nature preserve

It sounds like a zoo in here.  And I like it.

The cats are getting to know each other.  Posdnous paces at his tabletop perch and gives a whiny mew while Micah, passing below, growls at him.  And then Queequeg roars low and bear-like at them both.  Micah moves on, and Posdnous lies down.  Pretty soon, Isis slides slyly up beside me and nuzzles my calf.  She rarely contributes to the cacophony, but she punctuates it with a tremulous and well-pronounced meow now and again.

All is going well with the cats in their new temporary space.  We’re not all friends yet, but the paths of communication are opening up.   We seem to be forming a pleasant work environment in which our friendships may grow.  I believe I can leave comfortably on Saturday with the knowledge that my cats are going to be alright.

What’s more, I owe Newz Group a thanks for being so flexible as to allow me to work for them one more week while I was home.  This means that I have another week’s worth of pay that I was not expecting for the trip.

And what’s even more…  It turns out that the heavy rain we were getting the Saturday before I was originally scheduled to leave was, in fact, turning a good portion of my first 100 miles of trail into a swamp.  Approximately 30 miles of trail between Columbia and St. Louis have been closed due to flooding for the better part of this week.  I’ve been watching that number decrease all week, and as of today, only a stretch of about 9 miles, between Mokane and Portland is still closed.  I’m hoping that opens up by Saturday.  If it doesn’t, I’ll either have to improvise a path, or set up camp in Mokane.  There are worse places to camp.  I know where to get a really good deal on a generous portion of catfish there.

Oh, and, I will now be going due east to DC, instead of northeast and back south.  Probably a pretty pleasant fall ride.  Hills and mountains of Kentucky and Virginia, here I come!


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