D Rex’s no good, terrible, very bad start of his journey

Today did not go well. The flood waters had receded, but they left rough terrain and progress-killing mud.
I spent between an hour and a half and two hours rinsing and digging mud from between the wheels and the fenders.

This, and a malfunctioning seat post, ruined my rhythm. My leg muscles got cold as I struggled and felt rested as I got moving again, but within two miles I was fatigued and working to get warm again. This also ruined my eating and drinking habits, so I became dehydrated and malnourished. Which I was aware of, but it’s hard to get food and water down once you’ve sufficiently deprived yourself of them. Meanwhile, I stubbornly refused to stop for my health’s sake after having been forced to so often for my bike’s.

I made it to Hermann. 80 miles. Still respectable, but the real downer is how little I enjoyed it, and how ungood I feel right now.

What’s worse, I’m writing this from a hotel room. I forgot my tent. And there was a loud massive gathering of cyclocross folks at the campground, so under the stars would have been pretty unrestful.

My mom is shipping the tent to St. Louis. So I’ll be staying there for a couple of days at least while I wait for it. To be honest, the way today went, I’m already ready for a biking break. But I’m definitely worried about what this signifies for the rest of my trip. Maybe it’s the worst luck I’ll have. Maybe I’m just getting it out of the way. I hope so.

To be brutally honest, a big factor in today’s poor mindset was missing Dre. I’ve only ever done the trip to St Louis with her and I can’t help but feel her absence. It’s almost like riding with a ghost. It’s the sort of company that makes you feel more keenly alone. I met several very nice people today, but I felt very lonely. Maybe this will pass once I start covering new ground.

It’s been a hard day. I’m going to get some well earned sleep. I’ll keep you posted.

Forgive the weird glare in the Hermann picture. I was standing at the side of the highway, taking picture after picture, trying to get a decent one.


2 Responses to “D Rex’s no good, terrible, very bad start of his journey”

  1. Nick Says:

    I went through that same mud yesterday, it sucked so bad I climbed the hills to Fulton and then into Columbia on the way home instead of taking the designated biking path. You should have stopped in Portland for some good food and terrible karaoke, well maybe next time! Good luck out there!

  2. Eric Says:

    Sorry to hear your trip started off so rough. Good luck the rest of the way!

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