the very big day

Before I say anything about today’s journey, I want to thank my good friend Rachel for putting me up during my extended St Louis stay. She’s the one you see standing on the earthwork at Laumier Sculpture Park in my St. Louis pictures, and that’s her handwriting in the list of my potential life options. I will no doubt be dreaming of the Dixie Chicks sometime early tomorrow morning.

I am writing you now from Murphysboro, IL. I made it, and Google helped. The trip from Chain of Rocks bridge to here was 100 miles. Not sure exactly how many miles it was to that point but I’m certain it was more than 10, so let’s just call it a 110+ mile day. My first century and then some.

My body is exhausted but I’m feeling pretty peaceful over all. Not a bad day. So far Illinois is a pretty nice place to ride a bike. I only had nice paved shoulders for the first 15 miles of state routes. After that, no shoulder to speak of. But the drivers were all pretty courteous, and there were an awful lot of drivers out today, so that’s saying something. Tomorrow, I enter the “Little Ozarks”. Legs don’t fail me now.

All that traffic noise made for poor company, so I spent quite a bit of time with the headphones in today. I’ll leave you with my playlist:

Joni Mitchell – Hejira
Outkast – Aquemini
Kraftwerk – Autobahn
MIA – Kala
Bob Dylan – Modern Times
Van Morrison – Moondance


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