observations (after a week and two days)

Coming to you live from a campground on the outskirts of Kentucky’s second oldest town, bourbon capital of the world, and first Catholic diocese west of the Appalachians: Bardstown!

Some observations…

1) 100 miles in Kentucky is not the same as 100 miles in Illinois–at least not once you hit the hill country, which I did bright and early this morning.

2) The tan parts of my body make the untan parts look cold and dead. But at least I’ve remembered to wear my sunscreen two days in a row.

3) Joanna Newsom’s voice traces some crazy geometry.

4) Carb calories are cheap if you know where to look for them. I got two king size Baby Ruths for $1.50: 1000 calories, lots of carbs.

5) Along those same lines… Coca-Cola taken in small quantities is a superdrink: carbs + caffeine = fast burning energy. It doesn’t last but it’s a good pick-me-up.

6) Also along those lines… If you catch a McDonalds at the right time, you can get free apple pastry things. They’re not allowed to sell them after they’ve sat a while.

7) It really hurts to be stung or bit or whatever on the eye.

8 ) I’m glad to be hearing crickets instead of my neighboring hotel mate’s TV set.

Signing out,
D Rex


2 Responses to “observations (after a week and two days)”

  1. Erin Says:

    We’re so proud of you Derrick! Todd misses you quite a bit though he won’t let on. Saw Steve on his bike the other day but I was in the truck and he didn’t recognize me. Todd’s birthday passed uneventfully. Lots of football and sleeping. Miss you lots, please eat an extra meal for myself and for your mother! I’m on day 1 of stay-at-home non-mom life and I’ll be tracking your progress closely as I have little to do. Erin

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Derrick,
    I am a friend of your mom-we are in a study group together. I too love to bike for leisure/pleasure. I really admire your tenaciuos spirit to move forward without letting incidents that crop up unexplainably to effect your adventures that unfold before you. I’ve really enjoyed your writing style -maybe this journey will turn into a book for adventuresome bikers 😉
    Sorry about that nasty bite under the eye-my mom had a good recipe for taking the venom out of the bite. If you can bum a couple of cigarettes, you take the tobacco out of the wrapper and spit on the leaves-mash it all together so it is sticky like a paste and put it on the sting. Takes the red and hurt away quickly. Take care and happy biking.

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