I spent last night in a very comfortable bed in the beautiful home of Sarah, Sam, and Dr. Thad Lee. They fed me, let me do laundry, and provided me with great conversation and advice. I set my alarm for 7:30 and got moving when it went off this morning, otherwise I might still be in that bed now. I’m stopped now in Christiansburg for breakfast.

I have free camping lined up for tonight in Troutville and tomorrow night in Vesuvius. Then I have the big Blue Ridge climb and descent to Afton, where I hope to stay in the cyclists’ house at the legendary Cookie Lady’s. I haven’t been able to get hold of her caretaker Debbie yet, but I’ll try again tonight from Troutville.

After that I’ll probably camp in Mineral, as it’s the last camping option before I start the journey north on the Atlantic Coast trail. That puts me in Mineral on Saturday, October 12th.

From there it looks like it’s only 130 or 140 miles to D.C. So, I’ll probably be crossing the Potomac on Arlington Memorial Bridge either late Monday afternoon or early Tuesday afternoon, depending on where I find to stay between Mineral and D.C.

My trip will be over in less than a week. But I’m looking forward to seeing D.C. and my family there. I’m going to soak up the rest of beautiful Virginia between here and there, in the meanwhile.


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