soaking up Virginia

I have been aware of a chance of rain following me slowly east since Berea. Today, it caught me.

It’s not a very heavy rain, so not particularly bad to ride through, but any rain requires extra caution while cycling. Thus rain makes it more difficult to fully appreciate the scenery and sense of freedom that ordinarily accompany a good day of riding. Which is a bit of a shame, because I was really enjoying the rich autumn colors of the rolling ridges and farmland that I was riding through before the rain caught up to me in earnest. After it caught me, it was hard not to fall into the destination mindset.

I made it safely to Troutville by 3:30–a little over 60 miles from Radford, where I set out this morning. I bought a couple of cans of chili from the Thriftway and heated them up as I set up camp here beneath the shelter at the park. Later, made some tea, and went back to the Thriftway for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Which I’m eating now.

All-in-all, not a bad day. Just a little harder to be exultant on a rainy day when you’re cycling. I’m hoping that tomorrow is drier.

I forgot to mention before that while at the Lee’s house, I had the opportunity to weigh myself for the first time since I started training for this trip. I believe that the last time I weighed, I was either 180 or something near that. At the Lee’s, I weighed 158. I haven’t weighed that low since before I started dating Dre (Dre is an excellent cook), and I know I wasn’t carrying this much muscle around in my legs back then.

If you want to eat a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s at one sitting with absolutely no guilt or concern for the potential adverse effects on your health, start biking 60 miles a day.
D Rex

p.s. The last picture is of my campsite for the night. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see the drainage pipe behind my tent that will be serving as my serenity fountain this evening.


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