return to the land of the handtalkers

I am camping, tonight, in the backyard of the Mineral Volunteer Fire Dept. I seem to be camping next to train tracks a lot lately. My shelter at the park in Troutville had train tracks running directly behind it, and there is a very noisy train passing 30 yards from me as I write this now. If this is anything like the night in Troutville, I’ll be visited by at least two more trains before the night is through.

I got a shower here at the firestation–my first in two days (Cookie Lady’s bikehouse shower was broken), and I’m feeling refreshed, but still pretty exhausted. Not sure if it was the huge Blue Ridge day, or that I’ve now been going for eight consecutive days without a rest, but I’m a little battered and bruised.

Despite the warnings I was given by the Charlottesville locals about the strenuousness of climbing Monticello, today was a relatively easy day of cycling. I think I just need a little more rest time than I’ve been giving myself.

Luckily, after pondering over my maps some more, I determined that a far shorter route from Mineral to Fredericksburg could be found.

Enter Google Maps and their walking feature, once again, with fanfare.

Tomorrow will be a slightly less than 40-mile day of cycling instead of a slightly more than 80-mile day of cycling. I will take some time in Fredericksburg to dig the city and rest myself. Then, I will enter DC on Sunday, rested and triumphant.

I realize I may be taking more of a risk using Google’s beta walking feature nearing the metro DC area than I did in getting from St. Louis to Murphysboro. There is more traffic here in general, so a wrong road could turn out to be a nightmare.

Especially considering that I have already noted a major difference between bad drivers down here, out of the mountains, and bad drivers in the mountains: cell phones. In the mountains, it seems, cell phone coverage is not consistent enough to be conducive to a serious handtalk habit. Here, on the other hand…

I can appreciate the urge to multitask, and the way we become accustomed to such efficiencies. However, it seems to be difficult for some multitaskers to multitask my presence into their awareness.

Please, think twice before picking up the phone while driving.

D Rex


2 Responses to “return to the land of the handtalkers”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I thought you might enjoy seeing your kitty cats, but I can’t figure out how to upload photos onto this. Also, mom talked with grandma and grandpa today. They seem amazed that you are as far as you are and they asked for the address of your blog so that they can go to the library and look at it.

  2. dream Says:

    Murphysboro is where Jameson lives….didn’t know you were going through there.

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