city life

Well, I survived my three beers and two desserts last night, though I endured a significant tummy ache before falling asleep. It was an important reminder not to fall back into the trappings of overindulgence when presented with so many opportunities for refreshment.

I also slept pretty well in my $40 room, despite all of the hollering and carrying on that went on outside my door. None of the voices sounded serious to me. Just overgrown, self-obsessed teenage types making a silly attempt at grownup drama. It stirred me now and then, but I dismissed it and nodded back off.

I’m enjoying my breakfast at a diner my waitress recommended last night, just down the street from my motel. The diner makes me appreciate Fredericksburg a little more. The locals here seem like good people, and the food is good, cheap, and plentiful. I should be able to make it to DC on snacks alone after this meal.
It’s about that time.
D Rex


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