I am glad

I am glad we are dancing and riding bikes and screaming
I am glad that a place is made for trees to grow in sidewalks
I am glad there are buses to carry people around and sidewalks to walk when I do not feel like being carried
I am glad there are bars for windows and doors if the people inside would not feel safe without them
I am glad there are cops riding bicycles
I am glad for the gizmo I hold in my hand, tapping away, as I pay little heed to where I am walking
I am glad for cousins with generous natures and great apartments
I am glad for statues that remind me of dead people and help me realize where I am
I am glad there are girls who go running
I am glad for the smiles of strangers
I am glad for government buildings and yellow cabs and kids on skateboards
I am glad for rolling luggage and lost tourists
I am glad for food courts and pharmacies
I am glad for the United States Postal Service
I am glad for men with cameras in uniform with mysterious purposes
I am glad for the FBI, the Smithsonian, and Ben & Jerry’s
I am glad for public drinking fountains
I am glad for renovation, preservation, and donation
I am glad for standing on street corners
I am glad for earphones, and headphones, and cellular phones
I am glad for sounds and signs
I am glad for the Canadian Embassy
I am glad to have arrived at my destination
I am glad for hat checks and reading rooms
I am glad for elaborate public restrooms
I am glad there is so very much to see, do, and talk about


4 Responses to “I am glad”

  1. You Know Says:

    I am glad for running women too!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I lowered the seat on mom’s old bike and went out. The good news is that I didn’t fall over. The bad news is I didn’t even make it a block before I was really short of breath and my butt hurt.

  3. Steve Says:

    I’m also glad there are girls who go running

  4. Rachel Says:

    This is my favorite post. it’s a list…. and it’s a happy list!!! I’m glad you’re glad about so much. Now, why are you so glad about girls who go running? Why not girls and boys?? I owe you a call. Congrats on the voyage!

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