taking stock

Things I sold, lost, or gave away (since July ’08): a bed; a girlfriend; a job; a 3-bedroom apartment; dishes, pots, pans, and silverware; bookcases; a 30 gallon aquarium; a goldfish; a television; a coffee table; patio furniture; a lawnmower; a lawn; a Wii; many articles of clothing; a desk; a laptop; a deepfryer; a water filter; a coffee machine; some books; some DVDs; assorted odds n’ends; a significant postcard; a water bottle

Things I kept or acquired (since July ’08): two cats; a bike; bike gear; an iPhone; many books; CDs; a stereo; some DVDs; some articles of clothing; assorted odd n’ends; CD shelving salvaged from my old box spring

Approximate # of miles biked to reach DC: 1,400

# of days elapsed between departure from Columbia and arrival in DC: 23

# of rest days taken in the course of travel: 5

Approximate average number of miles covered in each non-rest day: 78

Approximate weight of bike with gear: 100 lbs


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