Mr. Derrick goes to Washington

*Note: If you’re new to this blog and in need of a frame of reference, please see the Oct. 1 posting, ‘Why a D Rex does, part 2’*

Brace yourself. You may have thought that Derrick was D Rex, but D Rex is Mr. Derrick.

Mr. Derrick is the title I earned in my days teaching preschool. It’s a title of respect, good will, and service. It’s a title that I’m proud of. Mr. Derrick has arrived in Washington, and he plans to stay.

I am looking for a job.

As D Rex, I tackled the Appalachians and learned that even in the lonely wilds of America, not even a superhero is altogether self-reliant. But I also tested my strength, will, and intellect in ways that I never had before, and I enjoyed it. Fear not: D Rex will ride again.

But I like Washington DC. I like all of the people, culture, and noise. And I like it all the more because I hadn’t entirely expected to like it. While traveling, I ran into a lot of people who spoke disparagingly of “the city.” As a denizen of the road, I partly shared their view. It is hard to imagine trading all of that wide open space and less-touched beauty for any kind of cityscape.

However, a phrase of Pasolini’s has been ringing in my ears as I walk around DC. My experience here is “an explosion of my love for reality.” Perhaps more to the point, in my case: it is an explosion of my love for humanity. It lifts my spirits to experience and be a part of this vibrant and thriving mass of people.

The journey here was a test of character and ability unlike any I’d attempted before. I’m proud of the accomplishment. But arriving here as just another fish in this great, grand pond, put my ego in its place. I am humbled and eager to put what I’ve learned about myself to work. I hold my experience and ability in high esteem. I hold the city and many of its institutions in even higher esteem. I believe I can find an occupation here to serve with honor and gratitude.

Settle down, D Rex. Mr. Derrick has landed.


5 Responses to “Mr. Derrick goes to Washington”

  1. Steve Says:

    Can I call you D. Diddy?

  2. You Know Says:

    Good Job. Mr. Derrick , your friends in MO are proud of you! and Wish you the best of luck. Dont forget about us.

  3. Erin Says:

    I like Steve’s D. Diddy but once you have a job, I shall call you D. Money.

  4. You Know Says:

    Where is D Rex?? too busy to give his fans a new update??

  5. You Know Says:

    Did I see D Rex on the news at an Obama Victory Rally??

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