in short

Okay, summary:

I quit Wal-Mart a couple months or so ago: though it feels like a decade, or maybe a bad dream.

I dated a lovely, interesting, and talented young woman named Kelsey. She studies and loves tiny things that have been dead a long time: I couldn’t follow her as she talked about, and even showed them to me–but I liked her all the more for it.

I had a successful, enriching, and enlightening run as a substitute teacher of all grade levels, subjects, and capacities.

And now, I am back on the road.

More, later.

D Rex


2 Responses to “in short”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Sorry I wasn’t around to say goodbye. Be careful. Love ya!

  2. Kady Says:

    wishing you safety in all of your journeys, D

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