wherefor addendum

I forgot to outline the route that I’m taking. The first segment, heading north, was on Adventure Cycling’s Great Rivers route. The full Great Rivers route follows the Mississippi from Muscatine, IA to New Orleans. I left that route in Muscatine this morning. Now, I’m on the Northern Tier, one of Adventure Cycling’s three cross country routes. I’ll be following it across the middle of Illinois and Indiana, then into Ohio to follow the shore of Lake Erie through Pennsylvania, into New York. At Buffalo, I’ll cross briefly into Canada and see Niagara Falls. Back in New York, I’ll follow the shore of Lake Ontario, until Pulaski, where the route heads northeast to Ticonderoga. The final stretch of the Northern Tier cuts through the middle of Vermont and New Hampshire, and then through southern Maine to Bar Harbor.

Map details can be found at adventurecycling.org, under the Routes tab.

Today, I pedaled a very pleasant and leisurely 95 miles. I found a $7 cyclist’s special at Gibson’s Campground, just past Cambridge, Il. As is the usual, I am the only tent in a land of RVs, but it’s a very nice place. There are lots of trees, I had a great shower, and the missionary family in the site next to mine offered me dinner. Unfortunately, I had already stopped at Pizza Bella back in Cambridge, and so I politely refused.

Pizza Bella serves an amazing thing called Lasagna Pizza. It’s a lasagna in a deep dish pizza, with crust on the top too, for good measure: the small is 12in round. I ate 5/8’s of it. I think it’s the first time on this trip that I literally could not eat another bite. And it’s made by a very sturdy woman, plainly of Genuine Italian stock, with an amazing Wisconsin Italian-American accent. I’m saving the other 3/8s for a picnic tomorrow.

If the winds remain favorable, there’s no telling how many miles I might cover with all those carbs in me. The cycling here in Illinois has been really fantastic. I sit upright, breathing deeply, and the miles just fly by. But I can see how it would become tedious and trying if the winds weren’t at my back. Luckily, my predominent direction is the same as the wind’s–West to East–so the odds are in my favor.

And if I continue to cover big miles, there’s no telling how early I might get to Maine. But there will be mountains in NY, VT, and NH… The Adirondacks are one opportunity I have for extending my mileage. I have maps for a loop running through them, and the Northern Tier connects with that loop. I could also move very easily from that loop to the Coastal Route and head up to Maine that way, which would provide opportunities for visiting Dre and Bettina.

I’m also thinking of spending a day or two in Cleveland and checking out the art museum there.

Time, bike, and my fancy shall dictate.


2 Responses to “wherefor addendum”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I would check out the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame while in Cleveland.

  2. dream Says:

    is that the lasagna pizza? I pictured it bigger for some reason

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