sabbath, a little overdue

It’s cloudy, likely to rain, and the wind is blowing hard from the direction opposite that I intend to travel. Same direction it was blowing in yesterday, but 10 or so mph stronger than yesterday. For $45, I could stay another night in the Economy Inn. But as I sit eating breakfast in the Trail Tree Inn Diner (an Inn Dinner without an Inn–I’m thinking it and the Economy got a divorce), a real truck stop diner where the waitresses wear white shirts and aprons and laugh at the goofing of the truckers all spread out along a long, low oval of a bar–just off I-65. Or maybe they’re not truckers. Maybe they’re locals, or hunters passing through. In any case, they fit the mould, and fill the void that would be left by real or imagined truckers.

But, as I was saying, as I sit here, thinkin’ the whole thing through, my mind is made up. Wind and rain be damned, today I’m biking.

Yesterday, I wasn’t having any fun. I outran two sets of farm dogs–an activity that usually gets the blood pumping and brings a smile to my face–and crossed over the Indiana state line, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Then, in the next town over from this one, I stopped to stretch, and a fellow comes up to talk to me. Says he’s been thinkin’ about trying touring. Not an unusual conversation, but he asks a question no one’s ever asked me before: what do you guys do to recover? A stunning question, given how my day was going. I told him I was still trying to figure that out; how last year it just worked out: a stop in St. Louis, a stop in Berea, KY, a few short days with great stops at the end of them in VA (Elk Garden Methodist Hostel, the Lee’s house, Troutdale or was it Troutville? city park).

I pulled away still chewing on that question and stopped another five miles in, leaning my bike against a telephone pole and sitting in the grass to look at my maps. Stops and services were looking fewer and further between for the whole of Indiana. But there were hotels just a little off route five miles from where I’d stopped. I started calling for prices.

So, yesterday was a 25 mile day. Today, with the weather being what it is, it’s hard to say how much further than that I’ll get, but I feel like biking again. So I’ll bike, and let the details tend to themselves.


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