report 5/27: from the banks of the Maumee

Not much to report. I’m digging Ohio. Seems a good deal more lush and green than Illinois and Indiana. But it could just be that I’m arriving after a night of rainfall. I’m camped on the shore of the Maumee River tonight, and I’ll be on the shore of Lake Erie tomorrow night. So, I doubt that impression will change anytime soon.

The winds are coming back round in my favor, so I had a very leisurely 75 mile day, apart from a brief thunderstorm. The thunderstorm arrived as I was trying my hand at a little offroading on a dirt/mud towpath trail along an old canal at Independence Dam State Park. Made me want to take up mountain bike touring.

Also, I have yet to report here on the blog that I crunched some numbers on my day off a few days ago. So, adjusting for the three days of travel since, I have now gone 861 miles. I’ve decided that I have plenty of time to take the longer, coastal version of the route to Maine, so I have approx. 1,462 miles left to pedal. Including the rest day, I have averaged 72 miles per day. If I continue at that rate, then I have 20.3 travel days left. Without rest days, this would put me in Bar Harbor on June 17.

But I plan to take rest days. I should be in Cleveland late Friday afternoon. I’ll be getting a hotel room for Friday and Saturday nights, and my main aim is to check out the art museum there, which happens to be open late on Friday and all day on Saturday. I’ll probably be getting another hotel room a few days later so I can take in Niagara Falls too.

I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the free RV ride home, but there’s plenty of leeway too. And if I get to Bar Harbor ahead of dad, then I can catch a ride with him up to Nova Scotia and check out the scenery there. I’ve still got a whole lot of trip ahead of me.


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