no Canada for meh

Did a breezy 60 miles in to Lake Erie State Park, New York, where my view of said lake is mostly blocked by the Park’s cabins. Views of Lake Erie are few and far between, as the shoreline is blotted up with residential properties. Funny to find that’s still the case here in the State Park too. I guess you have to pony up to have the shoreline at your pleasure.

Regardless, I am enjoying the park. Lots of really fantastic birdcalls floating overhead.

I was planning to cross into and spend the night in Canada tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case afterall. Seems that the new border crossing documentation rules went into effect today, and my license/birth certificate combo will no longer suffice (as I was told over the phone by a customs official who wanted to turn my question into a lecture on bureaucratic semantics, before I cut him off and thanked him). Imagine that, the day before I plan on crossing. I guess that’s better than the day after having crossed.

So instead, I will be seeing the much maligned American side of the Falls, and I’ll be depending on Google’s walking function to get me there from Buffalo. This also means I won’t be able to visit Nova Scotia with dad. However, it seems that he is rethinking his Nova Scotia plans anyway. I hear we may be stopping by Monticello? It’s a long way from Nova Scotia, but I’m down.

I leave you with a picture of my evening meal. It occurrd to me that while I’ve shared plenty of pictures of my meals along the way, I have yet to put up one of a campsite concoction. This one consists of one small can of Hines tomato sauce, half a package of chili seasoning, a small block of some ‘artisinal’ New York extra-sharp cheddar, and what was left of the couscous I’d been carrying since Columbia. It’s a much larger portion than I would usually make because I skipped lunch today and didn’t have as big a breakfast as I usually do. I call it: How to Waste a Good Brick of Cheese. I ended up throwing out nearly a third of it when I couldn’t stomach it anymore.

ps: I do intend to finish the Cleveland tale, but it will have to wait. Phone’s almost dead.


2 Responses to “no Canada for meh”

  1. Scott Says:

    D Rex. I am with you when the wind is at your back. You are about fifty million miles from GeoTel. There are signs in the moon and stars and all around, tho we mostly see through the mirror dimly. Til we meet again, go forth hither.

  2. nick Says:

    I have no idea how many times I’ve created a meal with a similar name!

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